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Biological Air Sampler
Calibration Services


We have worked closely with our customers to develop on-site methodologies for calibrating biological air samplers on premises. We support alls brands of air samplers operating in the range of 90 to 180 LPM, including: PBI SAS 90, 100, 180, BioTest RCS, BioMerieux, EMD Millipore, Climet, etc... By doing this we have greatly enhanced the service turn-around time for our customers, reducing the cost of managing these services, and increase their capacity, equipment availability, and production readiness. 

Specialized Calibration Services > Biological Air Sampler Calibration Services

Biological Air Sampler Calibration Services

The biological air sampler calibration services we provide our customers greatly reduces turn-around time by offering both onsite and offsite servicing options. The air sampler calibration consists of: time, flow rate, volume, and depending on the make and model some air samplers will be tested for relevant and non-relevant flow rates. 


We can support many different air sampler manufactures including but not limited to: BioScience International PBI SAS 90, PBI SAS 100, and the PBI SAS 180 Air Samplers, EMD Millipore MAS-100, BioTest RCS Air Samplers, the Air IDEAL from bioMerieux, and more...


We use OEM standards to support these specialized calibrations and when an air samplers requires service from the OEM we waive our charges and support the transfer of the air sampler to the OEM at no additional cost to our customers. We want to make sure you get your equipment back into operation as quick as possible 

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