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Quantus Incorporated's

  • Calibration

    • Pipette & Volumetric Devices

    • General Laboratory Equipment

    • Manufacturing Process Equipment & Supporting Utilities

    • Specialized Analytical Instruments

  • Certification

    • Cleanroom Certification

    • Biological Safety Cabinet & HEPA Equipment Certification

    • Fume Hood Certification

    • FULL Service: Repair, Decon, Motor & HEPA Change

    • ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Testing

  • Environmental Monitoring

    • Routine Microbial & Chemical Sampling

    • Compressed Air & Gas Testing

    • Steam Quality Testing

  • Validation

    • Commissioning, Qualification, & Validation

    • Process Validation

    • Autoclave Sterilizer Cycle Development & Validation

    • Equipment Qualification & Temperature Mapping

    • Warehouse Temperature Mapping

    • Cold Chain Temperature Mapping

    • Analytical Instrument Qualification

    • Dissolution Bath Calibration & Mechanical Qualification

    • Project Management

  • Consulting

    • Data Management

    • SOP Development

    • Calibration Maintenance Programs

    • Remediation Services

  • Staffing

    • Facilities Staffing Support & Augmentation

  • Metrology Center

    • Electronic Calibration

    • Pressure Calibration

    • Airborne Laser Counter Particle Calibration

    • Biological Air Sampler Calibration

    • Temperature Datalogger Calibration

    • Temperature & Humidity Datalogger Calibration

    • Temperature Calibration

    • Tachometer Calibration

    • Stopwatch & Timer Calibration

  • Microbiology Lab

    • EM Sample Analysis

    • Microbial Organism Identification

    • Media Fill Analysis

    • USP <55> Biological Indicator Testing

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Why Choose Quantus?

We want you to enjoy a quality experience at every touch point. Our platform of services has been designed to meet the demands of ENTERPRISE SCALABILITY and is FLEXIBLE, RESPONSIVE, and PERSONALIZED to fit the unique nature of each customer. Our culture is one that is never satisfied and always seeking to improve & adapt.

  • We build products and services that align with our customers' mission

  • Love sharing in our customers' goal to place patient and consumer quality of life above everything else

  • Continually recruit the best of personnel of the highest integrity & support employee skills development

  • Operate a Customer 1st culture, focused on self-improvement and long-term dedication to one another

  • We are all 100% committed to excellence at every customer touch point

  • Our team is never satisfied we are always hunting for the next friction point that needs to be fixed

  • Customers are an integral part of our process to continually perfect the science of our service platform

  • Our business development team is regularly visiting clients and technicians onsite and asks for feedback​

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