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We are excited to be able to share some recent feedback we have received!


Our team of administrators, engineers, microbiologists, quality associates, and technicians train & work hard everyday to provide an exceptional level of on-site compliance and technical services to our customers and it shows



First of all, thank you for making these revisions available to us.


I spoke about this in greater detail with our Q.A team, and for now, having access to the procedures is enough for now. We have developed a good relationship with Quantus and feel that we have chosen a contractor we can rely on to have accurate documentation.


Thank you for providing a great service!


— Tela Bio, Sr. Manager, Facilities and Equipment Engineering

I just want you to know that the extra work that Jeff did for us the other day has helped me out in a big way. I can now use the Vessel 1 in production while I do another batch in Vessel 2 at the same time. In fact, we have been doing this all week.


Thanks for helping us out on the spur of the moment the other day. I appreciate it. Tell Jeff, too!


— Teligent, Compounding Area Manager

I thank you Sir, unbelievable just when I thought this was a world without customer service, you brought my hope back Thanks for always being there when I need you guys.


— Nick, Facilities Director

Your Quoting / Service Reporting / and Invoicing systems are 1000% better than the last service company here, it really makes it easy for me.


— Larry, Facilities Maintenance Planner

I would also like to thank you for your time today, I have to tell you that it has been quite a long time since I have been impressed with a service provider like I was today. I hope you keep with your business ideas I myself feel we will have a great working partnership. 


Thank you for helping me out when I needed to complete this project,


— Sharp Clinical Services, Facilities Director

Thank you very much Dan, you and everyone in your company have been extremely supportive and responsive. We truly appreciate that! Have a great weekend,


— TimBar Packaging, Quality Manager

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you responding so quickly to this request today. You definitely prevented me from shutting down manufacturing today (and losing all credibility with QA!). The requisition has been submitted, when the PO is generated I’ll perform the receipt immediately.


— Ryan, Director of Manufacturing

Thank you! I appreciate the great customer service;


How are your validations going this week? The validations are going very well. I am impressed with the company so far;


Thank you again for the quick and thorough service you all provided at AnazaoHealth. We greatly appreciate the hard work! We would like to move forward with the in-house calibrations.


— Anazao Health, several employee

Thank you so much for the response. Your company has been such a help over the past few days, especially with all my questions and our equipment needs. We look forward to doing business with you.


Thanks again,


— Philadelphia Dermatology, Quality Associate

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