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Onsite Calibration Service




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Our Onsite Services

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Onsite Calibration Services

Our Calibration Services Division specializes in delivering on-site NIST Traceable Calibration Services to Companies operating in the Life Sciences Industry. Our calibration lab designs our calibration service platforms to address 4 key categories:

Volumetric Devices & Pipette Calibration
General Laboratory Equipment Calibration
Manufacturing Process Equipment & Supporting Utilities Calibration
Specialized Analytical Instrument Calibration

Our Calibration Division services customers located throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. Routinely servicing PENNSYLVANIA, NEW JERSEY, DELAWARE, & MARYLAND.

Single & Multi-Channel PIPETTE Calibration Services

(888) 715-1123

Our pipette calibration lab will work with you to determine your pipette calibration service requirements during our customer onboarding process. Our customers have the ability to establish different levels of service to control cost based on the use, case, and risk analysis. All of our pipette calibration services are customized to meet the specific requirements of your operation, including meeting ISO 8655 testing requirements and preventive maintenance leak testing and parts replacement. We support all Pipette brands including but are not limited to: Gilson Pipette Calibration, Rainin Pipette Calibration, Eppendorf Pipette Calibration, Thermo Fisher Pipette Calibration, BioHit Pipette Calibration, VWR Pipette Calibration, etc...

Quantus Incubator Stability Chamber Calibration Service

Laboratory Equipment Calibration Services

Our NIST Traceable Lab Equipment Calibration Services are designed to improve the accuracy and reliability of critical equipment used for routine applications and projects. 


Our laboratory calibration services are performed by qualified Technicians and Engineers who are trained to provide onsite NIST Traceable Calibration Services and Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services in conformance to EMA, FDA, and ISO Regulated Industry Standards.


Our lab equipment calibration service specializes in the calibration and preventive maintenance of common lab equipment using certified Reference Standards capable of measuring: Centipoise / Viscosity, CO2, Conductivity, Differential Pressure, Dimension, Force, Humidity, Mass, pH, Pressure, Rotation, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, and more...

Manufacturing Process Equipment & Supporting Utilities Calibration Services

NIST Traceable parameters for process calibrations:

Air Flow, CO2, Conductivity, Depth, Dew Point, Differential Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen, Force, Hardness, Humidity, Level, Liquid Flow, Material Count, Metal Detection, pH, Pressure, Rotation, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, and more..

Quantus Process Equipment Calibration Service

We provide NIST Traceable calibration services for manufacturing process systems used on a large variety of applications. Our calibration lab offers process calibration services that are geared toward improving overall system performance, product quality, and safety.


Quantus Analytical and Specialized Equipment Calibration Services

Specialized Equipment Calibration Services

Our instrument calibration and maintenance service platform was built to offer our customers a One-Source solution for all their calibration and pm requirements. In order to fulfill this we built a Specialized Calibration Service product line that makes up the third pillar to our calibration department.


Our specialized instrument calibration lab works closely with our customers to develop the onsite expertise designed to drive down the long-term cost of such specialized equipment calibrations. 

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