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Quality Assurance

ISO9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 ACCREDITED organization
Quantus is committed to continually reinvesting in Personnel Training, Equipment, Processes and Software to ensure the highest level of service quality and customer experience

Quatus Validated Quality Management System QMS



Our quality management system is an intuitive online system that enables our employees quick and easy compliance to our quality policies.


Quality Management

  • Secure Document Management

  • Online Technician Training

  • NCR, CAPA, and resolution management

  • Internal Audit and Management Review Tracking

Quantus Data Management System (QDMS)

Our field engineers and technicians use the latest data-management technologies to ensure the integrity of the measurement data we collect from our Calibration, Certification, Environmental Monitoring & Validation Services everyday.

We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY of your critical reports for

  • Calibration Services

  • Certification Services

  • Environmental Monitoring*

  • Preventive Maintenance


Validation results are communicated upon availabiltiy and binders are delivered within two weeks


"We have implemented a Validated Field Service Management system using Asynchronous online & offline "data-shield" syncing technology to provide our customers with realtime reporting and data security"




*Field sampling reports and chain of custody reports are available same day. Micro Lab reports are generally available within 2 weeks of sampling.

Quantus Validated Field Service Software
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