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Microbiology Laboratory Services


  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 ACCREDITED



Microbiology Lab Capabilities

Our Microbiology Laboratory Testing Services were designed to offer our customers a wide range of options for handling their routine and on-demand project requirements. As part of our microbiology testing services, we process CUSTOMER MAIL-IN samples and provide routine onsite FIELD SAMPLING services.


Quantus, Inc. has one of the largest LifeSciences environmental monitoring field service teams in the area.

Our Team consists of (1) Environmental Monitoring Department Manager, (1) Microbiology Lab Manager, (3) Microbiologists, and (6) Dedicated EM Field Technicians.

EM Sample Analysis

Environmental Monitoring Sample Analysis

Maintaining a state of microbial control and understanding sources of contamination is a crucial part of our customer’s processes. Our core microbiology laboratory services include incubation, enumeration, and identification of recovered microbial growth in compliance with the most current guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • USP <797>

  • USP <1116>

  • USP <825>

  • ISO 14698

  • EU ANNEX 1

  • EN 17141

Environmental monitoring media is assessed for sterility and capability of supporting growth for each sample submission.  learn more

Microbial Organism Identification

Microorganisms identification to the species level is a key task of our microbiology testing laboratory. We have invested in the most advanced system in the marketplace to provide our customers with reliable and fast organism identification services. Our MALDI Biotyper uses a molecular-based mass spectrometric identification method that enables faster and more efficient analysis than conventional assays or sequencing. 

Microbial Organism Identificiation Services

Media Fill Finish Analysis

Media Fill Analysis Service

In the world of drug production, ensuring aseptic conditions is paramount. Our Media Fill Analysis Service is meticulously designed to validate your aseptic fill processes, ensuring that they stand up to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

The Quantus Microbiology Laboratory has the ability to analyze media fill samples in compliance with USP <797> and FDA guidelines. Additionally, our lab is able to perform growth promotion testing utilizing compendial organisms to confirm media suitability.

USP <55> Biological Indicator Testing

The Quantus Microbiology Laboratory can test and perform qualitative analysis of biological indicators in compliance with USP <55>. Incubation and analysis is based on the carrier organism and manufacturer instructions.

  • Qualitative BI analysis – Positive / Negative

  • Ampoules and self-contained BI’s

  • Direct transfer of BI carriers to liquid growth medium

  • Strips, Discs, and Ribbons

USP <55> Bio Indicator Test
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