Quantus Clean Room Certification, Calibration, EM, and Validation Services

Quantus, Inc has brought together leading industry experts


in delivering the highest level of quality technical services to the Life Sciences industry. With a decade or more of experience in On-Site Calibration, Certification, Environmental Monitoring, Tech-Staffing, and Validation Services

Quantus, Inc was founded in 2012 on the basis of building a great company focused on providing our customers operating in the Life Sciences Industry with a One-Source Solution for onsite Compliance Staffing and Technical Services.


Quantus | Daniel J. Quinlan | President

Daniel J. Quinlan


Quantus | Greg Corallo | Calibration Service Department Man

Greg Corallo


Department Manager

Quantus | Ryan Kulp | Vice President

Ryan Kulp

Vice President

Quantus | Eric Grube | Clean Room & Hepa Device Certification Manager

Eric Grube


Department Manager

Quantus | Shawn Lucas | Quality Assurance Manager

Shawn Lucas

Quality Assurance Manager

2020_Jared Eberly Headshot_2.png

Jared Eberly

Environmental Monitoring

Department Manager

Our team has worked deligently to build a diverse service platform focused on our customers' need for a comprehensive One-Source service provider with expertise in delivering Routine and On-Demand Services compliant to DEA, EMA, FDA, ISO, and USP Regulations and Standards.



"We help our customers sustain operational readiness for Corporate, Customer and Regulatory Audits." -Daniel J. Quinlan (President of Quantus, Inc.)

Over the years we have recruited the most talented and knowledgeable engineers and technicians in the industry. Our team of professionals built our specialized service platform, which is comprised of the following ON-SITE Service Platform:

"We are proud of what we have built together with our team and customer input. Our service software and documentation has proven reliable in many customer and regulatory audits." -Ryan Kulp (Vice President of Quantus, Inc.)