Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification Services


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Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification Services

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification Services

HEPA filtered equipment certification capabilities includes certification in accordance to ANSI, EU, ISO, NSF and USP applicable standards and guidelines.


The following are common types of HEP filtered equipment we certify:

  • Bag-In / Bag-Out Units

  • Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)

  • Clean Air HEPA Snorkel

  • Filter Banks

  • Glove Boxes

  • HEPA Filtered Air Handling Unit
  • Isolators

  • Laminar Flow Benches & Hoods

  • PCR Hoods

  • Sampling Booths & Tents

  • Weigh Booths

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Our Certification Division specializes in delivering onsite services for routine Cleanroom, HEPA Filtered Equipment, and Fume Hood certifications. Along with our projects group, our Certification Services Division is capable of coordinating large-scale projects and transitioning new manufacturing buildings from construction to operation.