Quality Assurance

We developed independent systems to support our long-term vision of consistently delivering a superior level of service quality.


Our quality management system is ISO9001 and our supporting Quality Infrastructure and all supporting Software has been validated in accordance to GAMP Category 3



Our quality management system is an intuitive online system that enables our employees quick and easy compliance to our quality policies.


Quality Management

  • Secure Document Management

  • Online Technician Training

  • NCR, CAPA, and resolution management

  • Internal Audit and Management Review Tracking

Quantus Data Management System (QDMS)


Our field engineers and technicians use the latest data-management technologies to ensure the integrity of the measurement data we collect from our Calibration, Certification, Environmental Monitoring & Validation Services everyday.

We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY of your critical reports for

  • Calibration Services

  • Certification Services

  • Environmental Monitoring*

  • Preventive Maintenance


Validation results are communicated upon availabiltiy and binders are delivered within two weeks


"We have implemented a Validated Field Service Management system using Asynchronous online & offline "data-shield" syncing technology to provide our customers with realtime reporting and data security"




*Field sampling reports and chain of custody reports are available same day. Micro Lab reports are generally available within 2 weeks of sampling.

Our Quality Feedback Tools

for our customers & employees

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