Quantus routine clean room environmental monitoring and compressed gas testing services

Environmental Monitoring

Clean Room Microbial and Non-Viable Sampling Services


Onsite Routine, On-Demand, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Sampling


Providing superior GxP Documentation with Quick & Secure document delivery

We offer our regulated Life Sciences customers a flexible and cost-effective solution for conducting ROUTINE and ON-DEMAND Environmental Monitoring Services on their cleanrooms regulated in accordance to USP <797> and ISO 14644.
Our Microbiologists and EM Service Technicians perform on-site monitoring services, complete your CHAIN OF CUSTODY and DELIVER your samples to our 17025 certified micro lab partner.
Our EM Services platform provides you: Routine Microbial & Chemical Sampling, Compressed Gas Testing, and Steam Quality Testing.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Quantus rountine environmental monitoring services
Routine Microbial and Chemical Sampling

Our regulated customers require routine (daily, weekly, monthly) environmental monitoring of their controlled and sterile environments. We provide trained personnel with the best equipment for recovering this critical data and work closely with our micro lab to ensure data integrity with our reliable chain of custody standards in place. Our CLEANROOM EM SAMPLING SERVICES comply with USP 797 and ISO 14644.

  • Cleanrooms

  • Modular Clean Rooms

  • Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)

  • Water Drops, Loops, and Systems

  • Sampling Tents

  • Laminar Flow Hood

  • Liquid Samples

  • Soft-Wall Cleanrooms

  • Controlled Environments

  • Gowning

  • Personnel

  • Cleaning Verification

Compressed Air & Gas Testing

Our customers using compressed gas in their cleanroom and controlled environments require that the quality of any gas or liquid entering the environment and operating in accordance to USP 797 and ISO 14644 must be of equal or better purity then the environment it is entering. 

  • Non-Viable Particle Counts

  • Viable Sampling

  • Dew Point Temperature Analysis

  • Water Content

  • Oil Content

  • Gas Pressure

  • Gas Purity

Quantus compressed air & gas testing engineers provide detailed reports on all gas test points tested and tests are performed in accordance customer requirements including but not limited to USP 797, ISO 14644 and  ISO 8573 - Compressed Air Testing.

Quantus compressed gas testing service
Quantus steam quality testing services
Steam Quality Testing

We offer steam quality testing services in compliance to EU's EN-285, CFPP 01-01, and US guidance ANSI / AAMI ST79 and PDA TR#1.

  • Non-Condensable Gas

  • Dryness

  • Superheat

Tests in accordance to

  • EN 285

  • USP Steam Quality Test Specs

Steam quality testing provides assurance to manufacturers and contract processors of sterile products and medical devices, that their steam system is capable of producing steam compliant to EU and US specifications throughout their sterilization process