Quatus consulting staffing routine onsite CMMS and technical services support

Consulting and Staffing Services


Full-Time Support of your Facility's Calibration Maintenance Management System


Staffing support options for auditing, building, maintaining, and updating your Calibration-Maintenance Database

The Compliance Tech-Staffing Services Division provides our Life Sciences customers a broad range of FULL TIME and PART TIME solutions for staffing experts knowledgable in Calibration & Maintenace Program Management, Technical Writing Master Plans & SOPs, CMMS Data Managment, and Remediation Services. All of our staffed positions are filled by fulltime salaried Quantus personnel, taking part in all of the same benefits and training as our administrative and field personnel.

Compliance Tech-Staffing Services

Quantu staffing cmms, document, file storage management


We work with small startup labs and large established corporations to build new Calibration Programs from the ground up or transition from existing basic needs programs to more comprehensive calibration - maintenance databases.


We work in a collaborative manner with your system experts to develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures  (SOPs) that will scale with your operation. Our SMEs often provide guidance and templates to customers tasked with writing MASTER PROCEDURES and VALIDATION MASTER PLANS (VMP).

Calibration program development and off-the-shel SOPs
Quantus staffing and consulting improve your use of CMMS Blue Mountain ProCal


Our data management services provide you with the resources required to keep your CMMS up-to-date and compliant to your internal standards. All Quantus employees are full-time salaried. We staff employees certified to manage BLUE MOUNTAIN, as well as support other databases such as PRO-CAL, MAXIMO and custom solutions.

  • Update equipment status and equipment service history

  • Verify back-traceability is intact to quickly conduct risk assessments when reference standards are found out of tolerance.

  • Run periodic reports to assess active, inactive, and past due status

  • Forecast calibration internal and external workloads on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis


From time-to-time our customers may need support when implementing

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS derived from internal, customer, or regulatroy audit observations. We provide support in developing and deploying effective and sustainable solutions for calibration, maintenance, and validation related non-conformance and system improvement events.

  • Audit the current state of your calibration and maintenance management system

  • Provide a Validation Master Plan gap analysis and road-map a multi-phase approach to operating in compliance with set standards.

  • Recommend steps required to improve the system and prevent an audit observation

  • Provide full or part-time technical staffing services to conduct remediation

  • Re-deploy a sustainably compliant program

  • Establish metrics to assess the effectiveness of the changes and sustainability of the program

Quantus staffing has experience auditing and remediating avoiding consent decree and 483
Quantus consulting and staffing rountine support of onsite servics and maintaining service schedules


We offer cost effective staffing solutions for routine technical services. Often companies find they have to hire 3 to 5 employees to fill their operational gaps but then find that the work load is not there to cover the cost of this overhead.


We provide all the expertise required by supplying the right Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the right time. We are able to supply 3 to 5 SMEs and only bill an equevelent to hiring 1 or 2  full-time employees. This is accomplished by ONLY BILLING for services rendered as needed for the project and by cost-averaging down cascading skill sets.



  • Staff Calibration Technicians to perform routine Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Staff Certification Technicians to perform monthly Cleanroom, HEPA Equipment, and Fume Hood Certification Services

  • Staff EM Technicians to perform weekly, monthly, in-process, and personnel sampling.

  • Staff Validation Engineers to provide project management support, document writing, and validation protocol execution services

"We help you deploy effective and sustainably-compliant systems for managing your Calibration and Maintenance requirements." - Daniel J. Quinlan, President Quantus, Inc.